Holiday Party

So, I decided to embrace the christmas spirit and threw a champagne party this year. Everyone deserves a candle-lit holiday party and some delicious bubbly, right?

The most important thing about the holiday season is to celebrate and enjoy friend's company. We truly enjoyed this December. We got our first christmas tree and decided to have people over for a good time.

Here are some pictures of our easy, cosy and fun cocktail party. I hope you enjoy them!

Determining the basics will help you get organized quickly:

  1. Ambience (Tea lights everywhere. They are cheap and always beautiful);
  2. Easy finger food (Tea sandwiches and bruschetta are great alternatives); and
  3. Champagne (Stick with one or two types of liquor. Decide for a signature cocktail and you are done!) 

A great idea is to set up a bar where your guests can easily access glasses and mixers. Also, I really recommend to make punch in advance! This time I decided for a seriously delicious elederflower-champagne punch. It was ready in minutes, and I didn't have to worry about preparing cocktails after people arrived.

Lovely companion made it such a wonderful night. Actually, I was so immersed in the party that I forgot to take more pictures.. but! you can find a complete album of the decor by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!


Being an outsider in Washington DC is not that uncommon. in fact, almost everyone living here came for a specific reason - professional career, master's degree, political interests, or similar. People spend one, two, three years max in here to achieve their goals, and then go back to their countries of origin feeling accomplished.

I came here for unlimited time and a crazy reason: to chase love. As cheesy as it sounds, that is my reality. The good news: I’m extremely happy here - the most I have ever been! The bad news: my family and friends live far far away - and it gets very complicated to share life and good things with them.

December is an especially tough month. You know, all the celebrations, twinkling lights everywhere, christmas gatherings. It’s just too beautiful not to share it. That’s why I decided to write about what inspires me - what makes me happy. This is my personal celebration of life - that I would like to share with you. Splendid living that I hope you enjoy as much as I do. 

This is my blog. Welcome!

Pictures by: Gabe Aceves