Vitality Blast Smoothie

Are you a morning person or a night owl? My energy levels are high in the mornings. I wake up and I'm usually ready to go. 

I know this could sound a little bit annoying to the ones who like to sleep late... but there are ways to boost some energy into you and start your day with more vitality. Either if you have to go to work or start your daily routine at home, getting some vitamins and nutrients will definitely put you in a better mood :)

You don´t even have to change your PJ´s, just run into the kitchen and make a smoothie. Mix whatever vegetables and fruits that you have in hand, place them in a blender, add water and enjoy! It counts as a whole meal, so there's your super nutritious breakfast.

Here's one that I made the other day: 


1 Banana

1 Cup of Fresh Spinach

1 Cup of Frozen Mango

1/4 Cup of Cashews

Water - depends on the consistency you want it to have.

Fun fact: fruits and vegetables are frozen immediately after harvesting, so they are very fresh when you use them. And! you don't have to chop anything (bonus!). Buy them in bulk so they last for a couple of weeks and you have them always in hand. Make sure you mix your frozen fruit with some fresh vegetables such as spinach or kale.

And add some seeds or nuts for a boost of protein. They also contain good fat which is THE source for beautiful skin, hair and nails. Not bad, huh? 

So here you go! An easy breezy vitality boost smoothie to start your day. Try your own recipes, don't be afraid to mix different ingredients. Variety is key. Enjoy!