Flowers at home

Hello again!

Let's talk about flowers today. A couple of days ago we hosted a sunday brunch party in our DC apartment - happy times! To decorate the table and the bar I prepared some cute flower arrangements, using vases of different sizes. 

When brunch was over we were left with tons of beautiful flower arrangements, so I decided to place them around the house to bring a little bit of happy to every room. Here are some pictures of how I displayed them. Where in your home do you prefer to have flowers?

I'm new to working with flowers, so I decided to start with some basic whites and pretty yellow roses. I think roses can't go wrong. What do you think?

Personally, I prefer to use a couple of small vases. I think they look prettier and more delicate. I made this arrangement using only 3 roses, and a bunch of whites. They definitely bring some color to our winter mornings. 

Flowers everywhere! Try your own and have fun doing it :)