I’ve been busy these days trying to reinvent my living space. It’s the perfect time to do so and I’m more than excited to give our place new character —Be prepared for some serious series of posts on my home decor! yes! :)

Maybe that sounds a little bit threatening jaja! I think it will be fun to document all the process, or at least my favorite parts. And talking about favorites, these masculine living areas are on top of the list. If you follow me on Instagram (@splendorinspanglish) you might be already aware of this obsession of mine. Don’t judge me, I’ve always thought masculine spaces are extremely gorgeous! 

There’s something sexy and serious about leather pieces. When combined with some classic whites, like twin arm chairs or that white table with clean lines, they look cozy and modern without losing their personality.

I’m thinking about a leather sofa, rugs, metallics (always!), white walls and accessories. In my mind that all looks fabulous, but finding the right pieces is a big challenge. So, let the huntings begin! :)

Any advice? I would love to hear your thoughts. xx.