Sounds simple, but it's not. I'm all about neutrals: blacks, whites, grays, earth tones, you name it. These colors attract me, I find them elegant, sophisticated, peaceful and sexy - they can be all those things depending on how you use them. They let you grow into your own design.

And that's exactly what I've been looking for. With all these new projects I have in mind for our new place, I needed to start with a neutral palette that feels timeless, has some character and allows me to incorporate other elements in a timely manner. But hey! have you recently seen the options of white out there? This is a quick shot I took from Benjamin Moore's white collection paint chips. Amazing, isn't it?

I was so excited and obviously took a long time to select the perfect whites for our place - and also some darks because they are so rich and glam... I had to do it! I tried a couple of samples in the new apartment; thought carefully about our pieces of furniture and how they will match the paint; and decided for 3 beautiful tones. I've been wanting to have a "white canvas" for a long time and change a bit the grays we currently have - although I can't promise I won't incorporate grays again, you know, changes are part of the fun!

Inspiration? TONS! but here are a couple of favorites:

Well, these are baby steps in my own big project but I can say now that the design has officially started! I can't be happier. Here's a picture of my final palette. We are painting very soon! Stay tuned for more details on the whole project :)

Thanks again for reading. You guys are the best! xx.