Hello there!

I'm back! It's been very very busy in here, but I finally feel like things are somehow under control - even though most of our things are in boxes around us. I wanted to share some little progress in our new space. Actually, a big step to start building a new atmosphere at home: DARK WALLS!

I know, I'm obviously very excited about the new paint. It marks the beginning of our decor and the whole dining area design. Can't hide it, I just love it! As you can see, we have an open kitchen with a tall bar; and the plan is to set up the dining area next to it. Here are some pictures of how this wall looked before we moved in. It had a red layer of paint that...mmm... I truly disliked. These are my initial thoughts: 

Instead, I decided to go with a black and white palette. You can see more details on the paint I used in my previous post. I love this dark color, it's kind of purple but not. It has some nice shades of brown that compliments the granite in the kitchen bar, and I just adore how it looks together with the white walls.

So, here it is! Baby steps / happy steps :) I have an idea of the whole design, but you never knows where it takes you in the end. Anyways, I'm very excited to share all the process with you and get your comments and impressions! All ideas are welcome, we can give them a try ;)

Thanks for passing by, you beautiful people. Have a fantastic weekend! xx.