Date nights are my favorite <3 They are an excuse to dress up, go out and have some wine with your love. Yes, I'm a romantic. And even though our date involves ordering pizza and watching a movie I take a minute to create something pretty for us. Why not? Home should feel special every time. Don't you think? 

Blush was obvious that day. The vase, the wine, and even the light in the house was coordinated so I HAD to arrange a tray for two and take some pictures. It was even more special because we got to enjoy my mom's homemade lady fingers - Thanks mom! :) And then, there was happiness.

Lamp: HomeGoods | Vase: westelm (discontinued) | Napkin: vintage (hand-made by my grandma) | Wine coupe: similar | Mirrored table: brought from a trip to France.

I'm all about creating memories and enjoying the simple things. Happiness can be made. Trust me. And enjoyed with the ones you love. You can make it happen.

So, enjoy today. Do what you love. Just for a minute, decide to be happy.

- what a cheesy post, huh? - Thanks so much for reading! xoxo