Happy Wednesday, guys!

Today I'm joining a fun linkup organized by the B Bar - if you haven't checked them yet you should! They have the best advice for entrepreneurs and bloggers, and I loved it when they presented this idea. A bunch of creatives answering this question: Who are your 3 favorite Instagrammers and why?

Instagram is basically a mandatory source of inspiration to me. It's full of eye candy. Many times I got ideas for my decor projects from other designers or creatives and their beautiful feeds. And here you have my top 3:


Why I love it? He's the funniest most fabulous interior designer! I love all his design picks and home decor. In one word: TALENTED.


Why I love it? It's feminine and cute and it has beautiful color-coordinated vignettes in blush (!). In one word: GORGEOUS.


Why I love it? She's dominated simplicity in her decor, as well as a black & white palette and composition. I'm permanently amazed by her spaces. In one word: PERFECTION.