Gold leaf wooden handles on a chic closet door - Hotel B.

When you think of Peru I bet you picture the Andes, Machu Picchu and tons of colors (some llamas too obviously). Indeed, it is an Andean colorful country. What you might be missing is the exuberance found on its art, and all the luxury inherited from colonial times, especially from the virreynato (the period of the viceroys) in Lima.

My love for gold is so obvious and it's definitely related to where I come from. You might have noticed I adore spray painting my decor (or life rather) in any metallic shade. Anything shiny will make me smile, because I do like my dosis of Peruvian luxury too.

Mario Testino's permanent collection - Gisele Bundchen's room. Picture courtesy of MATE

And how wouldn't I be mesmerized by chandeliers and extra adorned arquitecture if I grew up in Lima? So, I wanted to share a bit more of this beautiful city with you. And help you discover the Lima Chic (#limachic) I've been talking about!

I went to visit MATE - Museo Mario Testino for the first time (you know he's Peruvian right?, right?) and I found dedicated rooms to his muses like Kate Moss, Madonna and Gisele Bundchen - which you can see above. Not only his photography is stunning but the house where the museum was built has perfectly preserved the classic beauty of the neighborhood.

Black & white colonial tiles and decor - Claribel

Antique lamps and chandeliers. Ceiling medallions. Baroque furniture modernized and upholstered with different fabrics. Do you get the picture? Everywhere I went I found gorgeous hand painted original (or restored) tiles. You might have seen a few of them in my Instagram because I couldn't resist. Lima Chic expands and glows and I LOVE IT! 

What do you think? Have you seen this side of Lima? Elegant. Timeless. And gold. 

Good news, I brought some luxe goodies with me and will be selling them through Splendor's own shop! (Yay!) More pictures to come as well as decor ideas to incorporate this fab style to your own home.

Thanks for reading! :) besos! 

Fachada in Barranco, Lima - Picture courtesy of Hotel B