Majestic Inspiration

Sometimes life gets so busy that there's no time to take a break. To stop for a second and breathe. To even enjoy people and things that surround us. Don't take me wrong, I'm not complaining. But apparently I needed to fly far away from home - where our days are night and you can get really lost in translation - to pause. Breath. Learn. And enjoy everything again.

Bangkok, Thailand is a city for the senses. Ultra colorful and shiny. Adorned. Majestic. It is also busy and noisy. Awkward kind of. But in the end I found it very inspiring.

I came back from this trip with even more questions. I learned to be comfortable with the idea of "enjoying the journey". I guess my gut and my heart drive me - fast and furiously - in a certain direction that has changed my perception.

This adventure of mine has taken me to face new challenges, and embrace them as I grow. Because that's exactly how I feel. Like if I've just grown up. For real. Is that possible? (Now picture me struggling with these deep thoughts walking around these magnificent golden walls - I mean, all that shine was making it all look SO whimsical...).  

Every single day is precious, guys. This is true. Meeting new people and places is for me the greatest opportunity to bring something new to my life. To learn something new. I'd rather be overwhelmed with new information than bored to death with the same old things and beliefs. So, here I share some magical pictures from my latest trip with you. Because maybe, just maaaaybeeee I should be posting something about Holidays' decoration (Right??). Instead, I give you this ;)

Being a dreamer comes with tons and tons of these moments. And here we are again. In any way, I say: Let's go on!