Welcome to the progress of my home office :)

When I started posting about this project, I wanted to use a similar system as the one in the One Room Challenge. I LOVE that initiative and I've participated twice already. Unfortunately, I just realized that the next one is starting this coming week :( and I won't be able to include my office in it (sigh) I really needed to get things done in this room. 

So, going back to my progress... the week started with some sad sad news. I found the perfect mirror on sale. I ordered it. And it arrived home so broken. There's nothing worse than finding the perfect piece and getting it shattered. Look at this sad pic... 


No worries, tho. I already got the same exact one so it will be part of my office. Yay!

Also, Edgar came and made his magic on my stenciled wall! There's a bunch of things I did myself in this room, but hanging shelves is always a job for the experts. You don't want your favorite pieces falling because shelves are not leveled, right? Also, I couldn't ruin my paint job. 

I already shared an after picture on my Instagram, and I'll show a "How to" video soon! :) 


Also this week... I FELL IN LOVE! I was evaluating getting a ceiling fixture in this room, but when I saw this chandelier from westelm I had to take it home with me! It's lucite, guys!!! No, there's no connection for a chandelier in my home office, but hey! this is why i call myself a creative :) Don't you love it?!


So, here you go! I already made plans with my favorite photographer for a photoshoot so I'm counting down to the big reveal day! :) 

That's it for this week! I know i'm super late for this post but this week has been all sorts of busy and important for me. Hope you understand. Also that means another post coming very soon!

Thanks for following this project along! Have a lovely week. xx.