All pictures by Splendor

Lima, my hometown. City of flowers and gray skies. Chaos and colors. A seaside desert. A complicated mix of cultures and styles that keeps fascinating every single visitor. Lima is blooming and it's looking fabulous! 

It was so easy to get enchanted by it during my last trip and rediscover places that definitely mark the new Lima chic. One of the spaces I wanted to visit was Hotel B, a boutique hotel in Barranco, one of my favorite districts, that perfectly wraps up what being limeño means. Contemporary and chic, this is a "must see" for all design and art lovers.

Built in a "casona", or colonial mansion, the space has been carefully curated with local art and tradition. What was conceived as a summer retreat during the 1920s received a historic renovation while conserving precious original details such as columns, high ceilings and skylights. Local arquitect Jordi Puig was responsible for most of its transformation, giving life to a space that presents romantic colonial style, a strong andean heritage, and modern creativity.

Somehow this all resonates in my heart and strengthens my sense of belonging. And I'm proud to present you with this example of Peruvian style and design. I've been inspired by my city and its particular mix of beauty.

Stay tuned for more of it! xoxo.