Urban Garden in DC


When you are an amazing cook, your gatherings include mostly hand-made and home-made dishes. This is the case of my friend Jessica from Adventures of the Repatriate. Everything she makes in her kitchen is mouth watering; and obviously all of it deserves a proper place to be displayed and enjoyed.

I was thrilled when she called me to help with the styling of her latest event. An intimate farewell party with hot dogs, summer salads and freshly baked pie! yum! I helped arranging the space to create some seating areas and ambience with what she had at home. And of course I set up a table - that she could use as a hot dog bar - when the party started. Fresh flowers, burlap and little details created the look she wanted. These are a couple of pictures of the event, but you can see her whole post on it in here. And, oh yes! she made this strawberry and blueberry pie! :)  

If you need some extra help styling your next event, contact us! We would love to help you making it as perfect as you deserve.