A Holiday Sale that matters...

This Holiday Season I wanted to help make a difference and I couldn't think of a better way than volunteering with my favorite non-profit organization - Room to Rebloom

Room to Rebloom creates healing environments for survivors of domestic violence, and most importantly give these women and their children the opportunity to start again; to redo their lives feeling supported and empowered.

These Holidays, I need your help.

For every hour of design I sell this week I'll donate my time to create new beginnings and design Room to Rebloom's latest project: a one-bedroom apartment for a mother and her 2 children. I'm very excited to start with this project. Our first consultation is this week and I will share every detail with you!

Are you ready to support a Holiday Sale that matters? Then click here, select your package and help me complete this project while getting your own home ready for the new year!

Thank you!! m.