Picture by Laura Metzler

Picture by Laura Metzler


Thanks for passing by!

I am an interior decorator and stylist. Originally from Lima, Peru and currently living in Washington, DC. My passion for design has always been an important part of my life.

Splendor in Spanglish - the blog was born as a way to share my projects on interior design, decoration, stylish celebrations and beautiful living. After a short period of time, it inspired the creation of Splendor Styling Design Studio, which offers interior design and decoration services for the home, as well as a curated collection of products that aim to provide you with a chic glam lifestyle.

I believe everyone deserves a bit of glamour in their lives! I believe YOU deserve a home you truly love, and i want to help you making it happen! 

If you would like to work with me; know more about my projects;  or just say hi send me a note

I would love to hear from you! xx.