How to add that perfect "pop of color" to a room

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From time to time I have the urge to move things around, change the look of a room, have fun with my decor! Does this happen to you too? As much as I love neutrals, lately I've been seriously attracted to vibrant pops of color in my designs. Maybe it's because spring is here, maybe it's because our tastes and styles constantly evolve. 

When Orian Rugs reached out to me about their fabulous rugs' collections I knew it was the perfect opportunity to change the personality of my space "from the rug up"! it was a serious calling to dare to inject some color in my home (yay!) - the room of choice? My living room. 

Changing or adding a rug in a room is the easiest way to change the whole atmosphere; and rethink how you want the space to make you feel. A rug is one of the most powerful elements in your decor.

In my case, I wanted to add color and some classic vibes to my neutral modern glam living room. My color of choice is usually blue, but after seeing Orian Rugs' Bohemian Collection I decided to try a red oriental rug variation with a transitional twist. This Ankara Red rug looked even better in person - I love its distressed finish that makes it look a bit modern. It was a lot of fun to place it under my sofa and decorate around it. I brought pillows, art and other pieces of furniture to complete the look. Ain't it a big change?

It feels like a completely different room! Adding some color to a room doesn't have to include a bucket of paint. the best thing about a colorful rug is that you can always place it in other parts of your home when you want a change. And for you to start exploring some possible changes in your own space, here's the TOP 5 choices I considered before making the final decision. Do you have a favorite?

Zettia Navy - I love this one so much! You can see a picture of it on Instagram too

Zettia Navy - I love this one so much! You can see a picture of it on Instagram too

It was my first time incorporating that amount of color in my home and I LOVED IT!! It's already inspired other color additions around the house - maybe in classic jewel tones?? - , so stay tuned for those! :) Thanks so much for reading! xx.


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Happy Monday, guys!

I'm happy to share one of my latest projects with you. This client of mine is just fabulous! Since the day we met, her ideas and style really resonated with me. It's such a pleasure to work with like-minded clients! We had so much fun putting this first room together and I really fell in love with the transformation of the space :)

We added a bunch of cozy elements and textures to build a comfortable environment for her guests! A black & white gallery wall was built including personal photos and a cute "Mi casa es su Casa" sign that we adore! I always recommend using personal photos in intimate spaces like this one - it's much more meaningful than placing them on a hallway, don't you think?

For that glam factor we included pops of metallic and used a pair of beautiful brass sconces which also gave us more surface space for accessories, books and any other items her guests would like to have around. The cozy atmosphere was completed with a soft rug and velvet curtains for a layered look. Isn't this an inviting room now? I would love to spend the night in here.

Thanks so much for reading. Have a fabulous week! xx.


Lady Bosses: Kerra Michele | me | Teri Clar | Shannon Claire

All pictures by: Laura Metzler


Being a female entrepreneur means you constantly face challenges not only as a business owner, but also as a woman. The younger you are, the more steps you have to climb to be recognized as a capable, independent and professional individual. You know how it goes, right? But, listen carefully.

We are living important times.

Women are holding hands again to make big changes in the world.

Women are working together. We are speaking up. We are struggling, and helping each other, and believing that we are worth our deepest desires.

There is a special connection among female warriors. A deep and sacred bond that when cultivated becomes unbreakable.

I'm so lucky to have found an amazing group of women that inspires me to always go further. This year for the third time we got together to celebrate all of us, lady bosses, and take sometime to recognize our accomplishments during the Like a Boss Party.  A reminder of hard work, beautiful collaborations and endless possibilities! The best way to wrap up a year full of adventures and new beginnings.

May this new year bring many more challenges and opportunities to grow together.



Shannon Claire // Kerra Michele // Mariella Cruzado // Teri Clar

Summer Hogan // Jessica Sachson


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PHOTOGRAPHY: Laura Metzler Photography

A huge thank you to Jess and Diet Coke for being such an amazing sponsor of women and creative entrepreneurs. Find much more about this event using #likeabossparty and #dietcokeindc