Classy & Chic Inspiration

Hello there! I have been very excited/busy these days with a couple of styling projects, organization craziness and personal dreams too. One thing I know is that I'm a DO-ER, so when I think about decor and styling I always try to include a DIY project, easy reupholstering, painting or similar. I mean, options are endless! The brainstorming is usually a strong blizzard  for me so the creation process feels like a wild roller coaster. Don't take me wrong, I LOVE it! It's just that it comes together with so much excitement and good eagerness that when I think about all the possible options and styles, it's impossible to make a decision. Because oh yeah, obviously, I want them ALL! 

I'm currently working with a couple of ladies living in the area. Different apartments, different personalities, taste and styling needs. While trying to find the perfect style for each of them, I found these beautiful places - very much classy and chic - that will definitely make part of some inspiration boards! 

If you are renting a place in DC you are probably sharing a town house with a group of friends, or trying to accommodate all your stuff in an studio apartment - like these ones above. Every space presents its own challenges, but in any case the effective use of space is key to make that space your home. Have you ever lived in a studio apartment?

Basements are pretty popular too, they can be spacious but the lack of natural light can make your decoration process a tricky one. Adding some whites and metallics to your decor is a great way to bring more light into a room - plus it adds some glam to the picture.

And what about some color? These boho chic bedrooms are just dreamy.


With all the inspiration tools one can reach to these days, it just gets too hard to decide for one specific style, one single solution or one palette of colors. I'm all about neutrals and pastels. They make rooms fell calm and welcoming. But again, everything depends on your own personal style. Do you prefer colors? How do you mix and match? The BIG challenge is finding the right combination for your own personal beautiful space. When styling, always trust your gut. Always go organic and naturally follow what attracts you the most. How do you feel about these pink walls? Ain't them pretty? mmm. Not so much? Oh, I got it ;)

All pictures are from Pinterest.