Styling Progress: Basement Apartment

Buenos días!

A couple of friends asked me why I don’t write in spanish more often, so I decided to throw a couple of words here and there to spice things up a little bit. Are you ready? :)

I’ve been working hard these past days on fun styling projects! One of them comes with special good vibes. Welcome to the full-of-memories basement in Adams Morgan, recently renovated! This apartment has lots of stories in it. Three friends of mine have occupied it at some point. Crazy parties, long talks, police coming to check on weird situations. Tons and tons of sleep overs. Even my parents stayed here for a couple of days during my wedding. Tantos recuerdos. And now, I get to style it pretty! 

This is a rental place, always a challenge as I have to work with whatever I get. I went to see it last week, and this is what I found. Lots of potential! New kitchen’s bar, bigger windows, new floors! Even though ceramics are not my favorite, they are much much better than the previous carpet. Trust me. This is luxury here.

We decided to start with the common areas - living room and dining room. So, I came up with some ideas for furniture distribution and basic buys. As always, the couch hunting gets all the attention (you know, this piece could determine the use of space, decor and even the room’s lighting!). We have looked at A BUNCH of options in our budget and will make a final decision this week. So exciting! 


Have you seen this brand new kitchen? I know the plastic wraps are not that appealing, but it’s going to be preeeettttttty. Breakfast bar? I think so :) And a BIG plus. This apartment has a great room for rent with its own private entrance (pictures show the work in progress) I will be working on it too and try to transform it into a cosy, beautiful space. Can’t wait to show you some after pictures! 

And last but not least, here’s the pink and girly inspiration board we put together. !¿No es lindo?! I’m so jealous. Having pink pillows gets a little bit difficult when sharing the house with a boy. And don’t take me wrong, no stereotypes in here. It’s just that as a couple, you end building your own particular style. In our case, it’s classic and more gray. I will definitely have to share more pictures of my home with you :) 

Would you try any of these ideas? Hope you get some inspiration for your home. xo.