So, this is a very personal post. Let’s make that clear.

When I started this blog I conceived it as a way to share my projects, a personal place where I could discover more and play with decor, styling, design, DIYs, beautiful images, ideas. All that good stuff. I was literally naive as to how much it would mean to me and how important it was going to be in my life. Man! I didn’t know what I was getting into!

It’s been only a few months since I launched this project of mine, and I can’t even express the amount of happiness that has brought into my life. Seriously. I never felt this creative and inspired and strong and hopeful and energized. Also, besides like planning my wedding, I don’t recall the last time I spent ALL THIS ENERGY thinking about a project, working on it full time and dreaming about it getting big(ger). The ones who know me well know I become an awful person when I’m sleepy - or hungry jaja - but with this project I’m permissive, and patient, and I don’t care if I have to stay late at night to photoshop some pics, or stop buying pretty things because I want to invest the money on my projects, or getting up early in the morning to work on MY thing before going to work. Something keeps me going. Passion keeps me motivated.

And I decided that I’m going to be true to myself - and true to you guys as well -. You know I’m a doer, I like to make, create, design, and try it again. I put LOVE on everything I do for this blog, on every post - including this one. So, I wanted to share my thoughts with you today because I’m THANKFUL. Thankful to all the comments and the followers and the likes. I really appreciate all your support and would love to hear more about what you expect from this space. I want to give you guys the best I can create! So, don’t stop sharing with me. Better say, take this as our personal place to imagine and to explore! Let me hear your thoughts on style, your needs on decor,  the projects you would like to see here, the problems that need to be solved, and also the things that you are not that interested in that much. I promise I would do my best to make them a part of Splendor, and to make YOU a part of Splendor.

THAT SAID, I will now go back to my currently-getting-longer TO DO list, and I’ll be back soon :) Promise.

Cheer more, do what you love, find your passion and never let go! Thanks, thanks, THANKS SO MUCH for reading.xo.