BE BOLD! The BOLD Summit 2017


A main part of my business is to grow as a design professional. I always aim to give my clients the best service and the best products in the market. And just like if I would do it for myself, I spend a lot of time curating a unique and luxurious experience for all and each of them.

The BOLD Summit 2017 was an amazing opportunity for me to meet some of the best professionals in the industry - inspiring designers with unbelievable talent transforming this world into a more beautiful place. During this summit in Chicago, I got to learn more about how to provide my clients with a truly sophisticated experience.  I discussed branding with the sweet Barclay Butera, how to excel at presenting your ideas and create without limits with Jamie Drake, and everything about the magic beautiful touch of Pamela Babey, among many other designers who I admire. 

I left feeling empowered, inspired and ready to create, full of energy to give only the best to my clients. If you are in the interior design industry, I can't recommend this enough. It will take you far into your next levels. Here are some fun pictures of the event. xx.

Nina Magon and Joseph Haecker

Nina Magon and Joseph Haecker

New amazing friends!

New amazing friends!

Ivy presente!

Ivy presente!


Lady Bosses: Kerra Michele | me | Teri Clar | Shannon Claire

All pictures by: Laura Metzler


Being a female entrepreneur means you constantly face challenges not only as a business owner, but also as a woman. The younger you are, the more steps you have to climb to be recognized as a capable, independent and professional individual. You know how it goes, right? But, listen carefully.

We are living important times.

Women are holding hands again to make big changes in the world.

Women are working together. We are speaking up. We are struggling, and helping each other, and believing that we are worth our deepest desires.

There is a special connection among female warriors. A deep and sacred bond that when cultivated becomes unbreakable.

I'm so lucky to have found an amazing group of women that inspires me to always go further. This year for the third time we got together to celebrate all of us, lady bosses, and take sometime to recognize our accomplishments during the Like a Boss Party.  A reminder of hard work, beautiful collaborations and endless possibilities! The best way to wrap up a year full of adventures and new beginnings.

May this new year bring many more challenges and opportunities to grow together.



Shannon Claire // Kerra Michele // Mariella Cruzado // Teri Clar

Summer Hogan // Jessica Sachson


VENUE: Long View Gallery

BOXWOOD WALL: Event Revolution

CUSTOM SIGNAGE: Event Revolution

FLORALS: Taffy Floral

FURNITURE RENTAL: Something Vintage


COCKTAILS: True Syrups

MUSIC: DJ Alkimist

DESSERTS: Buttercream Bakeshop

PHOTOBOOTH: Tickled Photobooth

PHOTOGRAPHY: Laura Metzler Photography

A huge thank you to Jess and Diet Coke for being such an amazing sponsor of women and creative entrepreneurs. Find much more about this event using #likeabossparty and #dietcokeindc

FGI Rising Stars 2016

It was an honor to be nominated among a bunch of super talented designers for the Fashion Group International's 2016 Rising Star awards.

My journey as an entrepreneur has been exciting, exhausting, and full of surprises. This one was one of the good surprises. Because I found myself surrounded by amazing men and women who are making great things happen in the city, running their own businesses, and being awesome at what they do. Hard work is contagious, especially when you collaborate together. 

This year is coming to an end leaving me thinking of how things have changed in my life, welcoming me to a new world with endless challenges and rewarding moments. The adventure continues, and I welcome it with an open mind and an open heart. Thanks again for being part of it. xx.