Lady Bosses: Kerra Michele | me | Teri Clar | Shannon Claire

All pictures by: Laura Metzler


Being a female entrepreneur means you constantly face challenges not only as a business owner, but also as a woman. The younger you are, the more steps you have to climb to be recognized as a capable, independent and professional individual. You know how it goes, right? But, listen carefully.

We are living important times.

Women are holding hands again to make big changes in the world.

Women are working together. We are speaking up. We are struggling, and helping each other, and believing that we are worth our deepest desires.

There is a special connection among female warriors. A deep and sacred bond that when cultivated becomes unbreakable.

I'm so lucky to have found an amazing group of women that inspires me to always go further. This year for the third time we got together to celebrate all of us, lady bosses, and take sometime to recognize our accomplishments during the Like a Boss Party.  A reminder of hard work, beautiful collaborations and endless possibilities! The best way to wrap up a year full of adventures and new beginnings.

May this new year bring many more challenges and opportunities to grow together.



Shannon Claire // Kerra Michele // Mariella Cruzado // Teri Clar

Summer Hogan // Jessica Sachson


VENUE: Long View Gallery

BOXWOOD WALL: Event Revolution

CUSTOM SIGNAGE: Event Revolution

FLORALS: Taffy Floral

FURNITURE RENTAL: Something Vintage


COCKTAILS: True Syrups

MUSIC: DJ Alkimist

DESSERTS: Buttercream Bakeshop

PHOTOBOOTH: Tickled Photobooth

PHOTOGRAPHY: Laura Metzler Photography

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Holiday Party 2014!

Don't you love holiday gatherings? This is the time of year when my house is always ready to entertain! I was so happy to have finished unpacking and decorating for Christmas that we decided to throw our first official party in this apartment.

My go to for Holidays' drinks always include bubbly and fruits. Last year I prepared a super-easy and delicious elderflower champagne punch that was ready for the guests when they arrived. This year I decided to set up a serve-yourself champagne station with cranberry juice and peach puree. There were POP FIZZ CLINKs and corks flying all night long. I loved it!

TIP: Make a bunch of puree beforehand and keep it in the fridge ready to refill when needed.

For food I try to go as easy as possible. I'm not a big cook - too lazy for it - so I never hesitate to buy everything ready-to-serve.  Cheese and crackers, veggies and hummus, brownies and strawberries. All very easy and delicious! 

TIP: Always serve 2 kinds of cheese, a soft and a hard one. Brie and Parmesan are my favorites. 

These caprese skewers are the easiest to make and they look fabulous on the table! Also, they are vegetarian and healthy :) Try them with a variety of veggies. Your guests will love them!

I totally forgot to take pictures of my studio, this one above is the only one I have, but I did open all the house to guests. Having a small home shouldn't be an impediment to host, right?

Are you hosting these days? What are your TIPS to host AND enjoy your party? I would love to hear your ideas and apply them in my next gathering! 

Thanks for passing by! Cheers! xx.


One of my favorite things to do during the Holidays is to play hostess. Have friends over for drinks, dinner, party times. Anything! This is the time of the year when no one questions if you use your favorite china WITH christmas ornaments, gold accessories, flowers and actually go over the top! Because, you know... WHY NOT?! It's time to celebrate! 

This set up happened in a random morning - maybe a Tuesday at 8ish am when I felt like playing with some pretty stuff and pretend I had a fancy dinner happening that night! - Just having the table set up made me want to throw a party and have friends over. Talking about inspiration... you can always create it yourself! :)  

I put together this table using pieces of my favorite china and the one I use daily over a silk purple placemat.

TIP: Mix and match pieces for a more interesting and personal look! 

Black and white are my go-to colors! Gold and silver accents were added with shiny flatware, a gold napkin holder and jingle bells! Everything accentuated with gold sprigs, and why not? a piece of my favorite chocolate. What do you think?

I can't get enough of the Holidays and its beauty! and I take every opportunity to play with it - I even made my business cards part of this set up - and I really hope you have a WONDERFUL TIME creating, decorating and celebrating the Holiday Season.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Splendor Styling! xx!

| 1. Napkins - West Elm | 2. Napking holder - West Elm | 3. Black salad plate - IKEA | 4. Main dish plate - Bed, bath & Beyond | 5. Place mat - Jim Thompson | 6. Silverware - Bed, bath & beyond | 7. Christmas ornaments - Target | 8. Glassware - Bed, bath & beyond | 9. Poinsettia - Home Depot |