The 5-Step Process To Style Your Shelves To Perfection


You love your built-ins or that shelving unit you just purchased.

You even love the accessories you have that you've collected from your trips. You tried to place them together but no matter what you do, it doesn't seem to look just "finished".

Does this sound familiar?

Styling shelves can be pretty challenging especially if you have a big blank space to fill up. I constantly hear this from my clients and that's why I came up with a 5-Step Process To Style Your Shelves To Perfection! 

This how-to guide includes a proven step-by-step process that will help you style chic shelves anytime you want! That's right! :) I gathered my go-to tips and included shopping links to my must-have accessories just for you.

So, what's next?

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Happy styling! xx.



HOW TO STYLE SHELVES - by Splendor Styling


I always wanted bookshelves at home. Books are the best accessory to make a home look stylish as well as welcoming, and I love to use them in my decor. 

We have a small place, and not many walls left to decorate. This one is the biggest one in my own home office (are you following the transformation?!) and I wanted to create a big impact as well as maximize the use of space.

Adding bookshelves or built-ins was going to reduce the size of the room too much. So, I decided to install a storage unit and floating wall shelves on top! In addition, I used my favorite stencil to paint the whole wall and create the illusion of wallpaper. I'm all about texture these days! ;) This combination makes the whole wall look as one big piece.

And for the styling TIPS, here are my favorites:

  • Always start with the big pieces
  • Style things in groups of 3
  • Think symmetry, up and down, left and right.
  • Always include books
  • Plants and mirrors can't go wrong

Do you want to see the process?

Here's a fun video on how I made it happen! :) 

Get inspired. Stay inspired.


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