Don't you love the weather these days? It's time for blankets and tea and getting cozy at home. Today I wanted to share some of my work in progress with you.

When it comes to designing my own space, I take double or triple the time than when doing it for a client. Somehow making decisions takes forever! And so, I haven't been able to make drastic changes in our petite living area except for some curtains! Yei! :) and of course some fall decor. 

Decorating for seasons doesn't mean you have to change everything around.

Incorporating natural elements and metallics makes the space look warmer and more inviting.

How to do it? Include wood and other pieces of nature around your space - I personally love decorating with fruits and flowers. In this case I used lemons on a wooden bowl. Gold velvet pillow covers, pumpkins and a lot of copper are my version of fall orange. And, oh yes... have you seen the amount of gold on my walls? That is just expanding without control and I'm foreseeing a golden explosion at some point! jaja! 

Small changes keep me going, but expect MAJOR changes in here! I have decided to - FINALLY - focus on the design of our living area, and I'm very excited about it! I will be sharing some possible pieces of furniture and obviously a ton of inspiration on Instagram. So, stay tuned! And let me know what you think. I LOVE reading your comments. Have a wonderful day. xx.

EASY STYLING - Love your home

Coming home after a long day at work and relax.

Staying home when you are feeling under the weather and cuddle on the sofa.

Waking up in the morning to make your coffee.

Your home is much more than the place where you live. It is where you welcome every morning, where you take small decisions that become bigger plans later. It is where you get ready, and where you will come back after your battles. It doesn’t matter if it’s small or old, or not exactly what you always imagined. There are many ways to make it feel like yours, and the little things are the most important.

I like celebrating our days, and surrounding myself with inspiration. And, no my house is not always perfect, but it’s mine. That’s why I try to always have a small flower arrangement in the living room, so I can see it when I pass by. I keep small objects I love on my desk, and have picture frames around with photos of my family and my husband, because they make me smile when I need to take a break from everything. Those little things make a difference; bring me joy; keep me going. And, I wanted to share it with you today. 

Think about it or maybe try it yourself. Place something you love on your nightstand or wherever you have your coffee in the morning. Smile and try to stay positive for the day. Take one step at a time. Fill up your days with happy, and you might end spreading happiness.

I wish you all the strength, and joy, and that beautiful feeling next time you open your door and say “Finally, home!” Thanks for reading. xx.



Living in a small apartment requieres finding smart solutions for every single space. Our living room is connected to the dining area and the kitchen bar. And, it is where we normally entertain, watch a movie and/or just relax. Obviously, the TV and all its accessories had to be there too (the black box, speakers, surround system, xbox, and ALL the remote controls) and so the challenge begins... how to make it all part of the decor? how to keep it organized?

Here are some basic steps I took on my way to conquer de oh-so difficult TV station.

This basic IKEA piece was in our old apartment. I changed the look of it adding legs and placing a glass surface like this one. It makes such a difference! The good thing about it is that because of the material we could punch holes on the back for cables. 

While this is not my ideal choice it works perfect for now, especially having the TV mounted on the same wall. It hides the cable box, the xbox, a router, some games and cables. I placed a cascade side table and a plant next to it to create some flow; and added some favorite accessories to make it look pretty. That long black bar on the back is the speaker and will be hang on the wall soon too!

For extra storage, I brought this gold swan which serves as a bowl to drop keys, matches and other small items; and my magical box that hides all remote controls including the xbox one! It looks pretty on top of the coffee table and can be moved anywhere in the room.

TIP: Pretty boxes are the ultimate organization tool. I'm constantly looking for them. Don't hesitate buying one just because you like how it looks. They are always useful!

Also on my list of basics for coffee tables decor are: books (obviously), coasters (I recently got these white stone ones in Lima and just love them!), and candles (I'm a big fan).

Our living room needs so much work still, but I'm pretty happy with this basic version of it. I haven't done any major changes except for rearranging furniture. Even the walls are empty. Bringing furniture from other apartment is always tricky, as well as an opportunity to discover new potential in a new home. Hopefully I can start transforming this space soon too!

What do you think of it? Do you have any TIPS for camouflaging remote controls and cables? Share them with us! Would love to hear from you. xoxo.