I wanted to start the year with our new FAB HOSTESS series (Yei!) In here we will share easy TIPS and ideas for party styling and entertaining at home. You know we like small gatherings. They are special, intimate and unique. And for me personally, there's nothing more meaningful than enjoying my own home and share it with the ones I love.

The hubby and I decided to stay home for NYE - for the first time ever. It was a last-minute decision which demanded last-minute planning and preparation. What to do? Dinner for two, champagne and candles. 

I run to the grocery store to grab some fresh flowers and sweets to welcome the new year and beautify our space. Set up the table for two with our nice china and holiday napkins. I created a runner placing two placemats next to each other. For extra sparkle and a celebratory mood I added silver ribbon and used my fab ribbon printer (yes, that's a thing!) to add a personal touch with a personalized message.

TIP: Personalized messages for your guests are the cutest. If you don't have a ribbon printer, you can write them down on a small card and place them on their plates.

To expand the party, I styled the top of our bar with a pair of champagne flutes, more ribbon - obviously - and our favorite sweets! Macaroons, almond cookies and chocolates. Used again my "Cheers" picture frame and added a pair of noise makers to use at midnight :) 

We absolutely enjoyed avoiding the cold and staying at ours. champagne and chocolates is actually one of the best combos ever. Seriously. Try it!

So, here's to many more celebrations and happy moments. I believe everyday and every occasion is special and should be celebrated in your own style. Hope you like this series! And if you have any request, idea or question LET ME KNOW! I would love to know more about your next at-home special event.

Thanks again for passing by. Cheers!