Happy Sunday, guys!

Welcome to the first post of our new series EASY STYLING! (Yei!) The idea is to share with you easy tips and styling tricks to keep and/or transform your home with ease. A change in the look of your house doesn't have to involve a new couch, rug or big piece of furniture. I'm constantly moving things around and pursuing that fresh look. So, here we'll talk about these little adventures. Ready? :)

I am a pillow lover. My pillow collection is kind of ridiculous and I'm always trying to find new ways to store them - and avoid giving the hubs a panic attack. And because I'm VERY considered, I've been trying to buy pillow cases and leave the inserts at the store. That way, my collection can continue growing and fits perfectly in a drawer. Pretty smart, huh?!  

The easiest way to add color and change the look of a room is to add pillows to it! Seriously. You know I love neutrals and black and white, but when I saw these velvet pillow covers I knew I needed to see them everyday. So, I paired them with current ones to add some vibrance to my rooms!

TIP: When pairing pillows, try to use one with texture (like fur or combed velvet), one with pattern (lines are my favorite) and one solid.

Have you noticed that both our sofas are brown-ish? haha! This is an absolute coincidence as we inherited them, but I'm planning on changing the one in the living room - hopefully soon!

So, are you also a pillow maniac? What's your favorite combo? Thanks so much for passing by and stay tuned for much more Splendor! xx.

PILLOWS: White and gold pattern - DIY | Blue velvet - H&M Home | Black velvet - H&M Home | Gray beaded pattern - westelm | Faux fur - HomeGoods | Gold velvet - H&M Home | Solid black - HomeGoods |