Hi everyone!

It's been so cold these days in DC that I had to make home extra cozy and warm. Adding flowers to different rooms not only helps bringing my home decor together, but also reminds me of spring! 

Are you a fan of having flowers in the bedroom? I try to keep a petite bud vase around. Love waking up to a happy flower in the room… and then bring it with me to other rooms in the house :)

I'm a big fan of having fresh flowers at home, so I don't spend much money on them. Here I’m sharing some easy arrangements I made with supermarket flowers in the same color palette.

I have no rules for placing vases. Living room, dining room, studio, anywhere! 

TIP: Buy 2 or 3 bunches of flowers at the same time. Mix & match, and arrange them in small vases rather than in one big one.

Don’t be afraid of moving your vases around! I do it constantly. It makes my space feel fresh and happy. Try it! xx.