GET THE LOOK - Neon Signs


It's February already! Time flies, guys. No joke. 

If you have been following me on Instagram you might have noticed that I'm trying to organize the blog and my posts this year. That's right! I want to share with you my overwhelming and ever-changing inspiration on interior design & home decor; and I figured making a bunch of cool series would be the way to go!

So, I created categories that you will be seeing on the blog and other posts like this GET THE LOOK one. Are you ready? :)



These neon signs have been in my mind for a while now and I've decided that I have to get one. Yes. I am in love with the retro vibe they bring into a room, and the uniqueness of their look. My favorite is the pink kind of fucsia one, but I would be equally happy with a a white one. Take a look! 

It can be tricky to place them against a white wall, unless you don't mind the exposed cables. An alternative is to place the sign inside a lucite box which makes it look even more chic. or make the cables part of the look and the concept. 

Anyways, I just love them. What do you think? I know neon is not everyones' favorite, but I need them in my life and in my space! Still thinking where I would place one and even if it does't happen I'm currently working on a design! :)

Have a pretty day! xx.