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   Branding & Design by  Jenny Rose Creative


Branding & Design by Jenny Rose Creative

You've seen it already. We changed our image because we want to continue to be your main source for chic glam decor inspiration and services!


We believe everyone deserves a bit of glamour in their lives.

Splendor Styling Design Studio is here to help you get that chic glam lifestyle you always wanted!

Splendor Styling Design Studio offers interior design and decoration services for the home, as well as a curated collection of products that aim to provide you with a chic glam lifestyle.


With the help of the most fabulous Creative Director, Jenny Rose, we've glammed up our image and built a new Splendor for you. So, enjoy! This is for you. We know you deserve it. xx.

Get inspired. Stay inspired.


Happy first Monday of 2016!

I love new beginnings, and I'm very excited about the new year. I've been working hard together with some amazing collaborators to bring you much more Splendor! As you might have noticed, we have A NEW IMAGE!!! Currently, it's only in my business cards (sneak peek!) but there was a fabulous branding & design process behind it. More on that to come soon! ;)

So, stay tuned! You will be seeing a bunch of changes and exciting projects in here. All of them aim to offer you more ways to create that chic glam lifestyle you want!

We believe you deserve a home you truly love, and we are here to help you transform your favorite spaces with big style.

Here's to a fabulous start in the new year! I would love to hear more of your ideas and stories. Send me a note. Let's collaborate together. We are already friends <3

Thank you so much for following along. It means the world to me. xx.