Easy Home Office Styling

I don't know if this happens to you... but my decoration process always EXPANDS around my house. Basically, when I get in the "styling mood" (that's a thing, right?) I get attracted by several corners and rooms in the house that in my mind need some change. I told you before! This is an endless process.

What happened is that I started my Holidays' Decoration - which I'm still working on! So stay tuned for a full reveal of my house haunted by shiny christmas ornaments! - and suddenly I felt the urge to do some styling everywhere I passed by. Home Office it is then! This room needs SO MUCH attention because is a) my home office, b) a guest room, and c) the most cluttered room in the apartment after the move. BIG CHALLENGE. I go poco a poco and some long weekends just work better than other ones :) So, take a look at the progress in my Home Office.

I keep inspiration everywhere (like my Comparte Felicidad! pretty booklet) And the basics for the season: brand new ribbons and jingle bells from Target for amazing gift wrapping :)

Bookshelves must ease your work! I keep my favorites items, go-to books and magazines in accesible places. Can you spot the cooking books on the bottom shelf. Yeah, it's not my biggest priority...

You might not know this, but I struggle every time I go to a friend's place. Why? Because I'm constantly thinking of moving furniture or styling a bookshelf! Yes, your bookshelf... So, if I haven't tried to convince you to move stuff around in your place yet, consider yourself lucky. Or! if you actually love the idea just LET ME KNOW!! :) I'll go right now!

These BEAUTIFUL gray and black canvas were a very special gift from my cousin-by-marriage who's no longer living in the area (Becca! I miss you so much!) I knew they needed a special place in our new home, and I'm so glad to enjoy them everyday!

Also, confort goes first. I originally bought this rug - and the chair - and those vases, actually (HA!) for the bedroom. But hey! I spend a decent amount of time on my desk and nothing beats working on a place you really love! I keep changing the decor and bringing my favorite pieces from around the house here. Call it luxury. I just need to beautify my space. 

This pretty box works perfectly for hiding chargers and cords. I love the look and how big it is. It keeps the space clean and looking pretty.

Lastly, here's a picture of our camouflaged TV. It's only used when we have guests over and I actually think we should get rid of it. Yes! I said it! One TV in the house is enough.

So, here's one corner of our guest room /studio/ home office! I still need to work on the whole thing and get it ready for some Holiday's get together (!) Talking about personal deadlines and challenges... What do you think of it so far???

Stay tuned for more updates on my home! This is going to be a busy month. 

Thanks again for reading, guys! Enjoy your Holiday Season!! xoxo!