It's Christmas time!

Aren't you happy that everything is shinier and prettier these days? My favorite piece are definitely christmas lights EVERYWHERE - outdoors, indoors, colorful, super bright, all of them! I would keep them around all year long. 

My Holiday decoration this year has been a challenge as this is a complete new space! Suddenly, I found myself hanging pictures on empty walls and moving furniture around - well, I guess that's not a big surprise! -. Some people like to change all decor in the house during the Holidays, I prefer to keep the original look of the space while including ornaments and accessories. Maybe when my collection grows I'll change my mind. Which kind of holiday decorator are you? :) Do you have a favorite piece of your own? 

If you haven't decided yet on your palette or pieces, or even if you did, take a look at this GORGEOUS home in Toronto with a tremendous glam style by interior designer Stacy McLennan. My type of Christmas.

Get inspired! Dream. Make it happen! xx. 

All pictures from Style at Home.