Gold leaf candle holders adorned with mirrors. Cusco, Peru.

Peruvian alabaster (Piedra de Huamanga from Ayacucho, Peru) flower vase, mini silver vases and a horn tray.

Hand painted blue vase from Puno, Peru

First things first. Clean the office.

I recently got back from a trip to Lima and I had the best time! You know when the lack of panning ends up being the best option? I got to spend a lot of quality time with my friends and family, sat down at the table for hours and just enjoy being back <3

The best part is that I got to meet amazing artisans and bring back some of their best pieces! So, the first thing I wanted to do was to style the wall shelves with my new goodies :) but after a trip and a couple of weeks away, my office was A MESS! I don't know about you, but before making things pretty I have to get things organized.

My Peruvian pieces are becoming my favorite to have around the house! Knowing where they come from, LOVING where they come from. Alabaster, silver, clay, all of it de mi Peru bonito. Can't wait to bring some more of our art to you. xx.


CHIC GLAM HOME OFFICE - by Splendor Styling




This space is by far my favorite in the house so far!

I needed a big change. A place where I could create and get inspired. So, I transformed it with everything favorite: velvet, black and white, and beautiful shapes. This is my home office that also can work as a guest room when we have people over.

I wanted to show you the first version of it :) as i know it will keep changing. You can see all the process in here. Also, STAY TUNED! As my lovely friend Laura is coming to take pictures for my first ever Home Tour! Yeeeiiii!!!

Thanks so much for following us and being our constant inspiration! xx.


HOW TO STYLE SHELVES - by Splendor Styling


I always wanted bookshelves at home. Books are the best accessory to make a home look stylish as well as welcoming, and I love to use them in my decor. 

We have a small place, and not many walls left to decorate. This one is the biggest one in my own home office (are you following the transformation?!) and I wanted to create a big impact as well as maximize the use of space.

Adding bookshelves or built-ins was going to reduce the size of the room too much. So, I decided to install a storage unit and floating wall shelves on top! In addition, I used my favorite stencil to paint the whole wall and create the illusion of wallpaper. I'm all about texture these days! ;) This combination makes the whole wall look as one big piece.

And for the styling TIPS, here are my favorites:

  • Always start with the big pieces
  • Style things in groups of 3
  • Think symmetry, up and down, left and right.
  • Always include books
  • Plants and mirrors can't go wrong

Do you want to see the process?

Here's a fun video on how I made it happen! :) 

Get inspired. Stay inspired.