If you follow me on Instagram you might know I've been working on revamping my home office. FINALLY! Actually, it is a HUGE and very well deserved transformation to the only room in our house that was well... not at all finished.

This is a reminder of the latest version of this space, that serves as a guest room but most importantly as my home office. When we moved into this house we had a bunch of furniture that didn't fit properly as it came from a bigger place with a total different layout. I finally took the time to sell and get rid of all of it, and I mean, ALL OF IT and create Splendor Styling Home Office! Yay! :)

I will be sharing my progress with you in here and my other platforms until it's done! i'm very excited about the transformation, and obviously I created a  Pinterest board with a bunch of favorite ideas. So far, this is the closest thing I have to an inspiration board:

I love the idea of having a textured wall with floating shelves. To minimize costs, I've decided I will use paint and a stencil to make it happen myself. Here are some of my inspiration pictures for that specific part of the room:

Also, I'm taking the opportunity to spread the black walls at home. YEEESSSSS!!! I love black & white and I want to bring some glamorous feeling to my home office, so, black walls are ON. You can also see a quick mock-up of what I envisioned as my textured wall... I know, it doesn't look as good in here but wait until you see the final results ;)  

So, what do you think?! Do you like it so far? Things can change, always. I'll be working hard on this project and hope to share more progress next week! Stay tuned and thanks so much again for reading!

Have a fabulous week. xx.