Colorful and Easy Table Set Up

Hello again! Hope you had a great long weekend! Mine was full of yummy food, get- togethers, relaxation and friends. Having people over is one of my favorite things - as you might have noticed already :) Our friends Amita and Anik came over during the weekend to spend some time together, have cocktails, munch, and play cards against humanity. You know, the usual. 

Contrary to what most people think, you don't have to spend hours planning for a visit or styling a table when having people over (actually, the more you do it, the easier it gets!). You need to start a collection of serving trays and accessories with the right pieces to combine and beautify depending on the occasion. Use and reuse! 


Black and white pieces are my basics. I love how they match with almost all textures and patterns, and look different all the time. To set up the table this time I used colors over a black tablecloth. I love flowers to decorate, but I decided to use what I found in the pantry: colorful napkins and plates, miss match place mats and fruits! 

Don't you love the color on these clementines? I used 3 of them as a simple center piece and spread a couple more on both ends of the table, and Voila! a colorful easy table set up.

Do you have a tray? Then, you have a bar! You can set up a small bar area wherever is more convenient for you by easily arranging a tray with the basics: glasses, mixers, a spoon to stir, whatever you want to display. I love this white tray because it comes with a folding x base. It's super practical, and can be used in any occasion. Price is not that bad either! ;) 

Cocktails, anyone? Bubbles are the way to go this year. Period. Add St.Germain and/or cranberry juice for a classier taste. 

I'm very much a hostess, and it's always a treat for me to entertain. I like enjoying my home and my friend's visits. In the end, I feel like I'm creating memories for life - I know it sounds very romaaantic, but it's true! (also, that's what I've been telling my husband this is all about). So, enjoy your get-togethers, and long weekends, and disputes over card games. Make them count. Share the Love! xo.  


I've been thinking and thinking about yummy cocktails to sip in during these cold winter days, maybe paired with some caramelized almonds.. mmm.. or! savory bruschetta. 

Some people love warm cocktails - like spiked apple cider, one of my favorites! - but anything can work. From champagne, to whiskey or rum.

Here are 5 recipes that I found that I would like to try. You can click on each photo to get the complete recipe.



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Holiday Party

So, I decided to embrace the christmas spirit and threw a champagne party this year. Everyone deserves a candle-lit holiday party and some delicious bubbly, right?

The most important thing about the holiday season is to celebrate and enjoy friend's company. We truly enjoyed this December. We got our first christmas tree and decided to have people over for a good time.

Here are some pictures of our easy, cosy and fun cocktail party. I hope you enjoy them!

Determining the basics will help you get organized quickly:

  1. Ambience (Tea lights everywhere. They are cheap and always beautiful);
  2. Easy finger food (Tea sandwiches and bruschetta are great alternatives); and
  3. Champagne (Stick with one or two types of liquor. Decide for a signature cocktail and you are done!) 

A great idea is to set up a bar where your guests can easily access glasses and mixers. Also, I really recommend to make punch in advance! This time I decided for a seriously delicious elederflower-champagne punch. It was ready in minutes, and I didn't have to worry about preparing cocktails after people arrived.

Lovely companion made it such a wonderful night. Actually, I was so immersed in the party that I forgot to take more pictures.. but! you can find a complete album of the decor by clicking here.

Thanks for reading!