Styling Process - Sitting Area

Hola de nuevo! Let’s talk about change today. I just feel that it’s incredible how you get adjusted to different circumstances and scenarios - all the time - all your life. It’s like when I first moved to this apartment. I didn’t know what to do with such a “big” space. We didn’t have much furniture at the time, and I had no idea on how to make stylish. That’s why when I have people telling me they like my place I feel so flattered. Seriously.

I definitely learned a lot about design through personal experience. Moving furniture around. Obsessing over shows, magazines and e-sources. And taking some key courses that oh-so opened my eyes to endless decoration ideas. 

Para muestra un botón. I recently found all these pictures of my place, taken since the first days showing all the changes I made in this small sitting area:

So, instead of showing a before and after here it is: A PROCESS. We get the best light through those windows on the right, and I just knew since the beginning that I wanted to be able to sit around there, enjoy the sunlight and relax. My first attempt was to put two (obviously white) IKEA chairs against that wall. It was kind of the right idea but the space just felt so empty.

Then, I tried to fill up the wall behind the chairs. Still shy at that time, I couldn’t put together anything else than 3 medium size picture frames in a horizontal line. mmm. I knew I wanted that area to be something special but couldn’t figure out how. That’s why I added some other pieces of furniture: a lamp and a shelving unit. I liked both pieces separately but not there. Oh my!

By that time our dining room was occupying that place too (It’s the best place for sunday brunch) Finally, I decided to work on a collage of black and white pictures to create a focal point and background for my chairs. The chairs? Well, I just felt in love with these two guys and got rid of the IKEA ones. I call it evolution :) They were white and comfy and stylish. Same concept, different pieces.

Now I guess you would see these pictures and think: Oh! that’s easy! Well let me tell you that a design process can take a long time, specially when your creativity is low. The good news are, I would always have fun trying to improve my spaces and making them mine. I’m the type of person who finds decor projects everywhere I go! And I’m just happy to share all my projects with you.

So, let me know your story! Do you have any particular place at home that you are not completely happy about? Share your ideas in here. I’d love to hear from you.

Enjoy creating! Embrace change! xo,