E-Design - Modern Dining Room

Hi there!

This design addiction of mine has made me push my creativity in so many new ways. I found myself creating work everywhere I go. Work that I enjoy doing and prioritize over many other tasks. I mean, working with colors, textures, furniture and art pieces. What else can I ask for? :)

Recently, I had the opportunity to work on a e-design project. I thought it was going to be harder than it actually was. With all the electronic sources we have now a days, being in touch with the client, getting immediate feedback, and working in a space that you can’t physically visit is actually very doable! Fantastic!

This project was made in collaboration with a professional interior designer in Ecuador. The client needed some modern changes in their living room keeping some favorite pieces like the dining room table, and adding some “musts” like the fab white chairs, for example. As an interior designer she proposed structural changes to be made throughout the room: mirror wall + fireplace, ceiling fixtures, built in shelves, etc. And came out with this proposal:

She contacted me in order style and accessorize the place! As you can see, it was almost a white and gray canvas. So, I decided to include fun pieces, colors, accessories and textures to give the place more personality.

I prepared an e-design board and did a quick exercise to incorporate the pieces in the floor plan. This was the result:

I decided to start adding some texture with new upholstered chairs that balanced the other acrylic white ones. Then, I choose to spread some color starting with red, as on the other side of the room (out of the picture) the client had this gorgeous red credenza. 

Thinking about connecting both spaces, I used color to create a cool and modern ambiance. Pillows were the way to go! (I love the effect that pillows can have in a room). Finally, I added a rich blue rug and a fantastic piece of art that wraps up the whole color palette. This was so much fun! Styling places is my favorite thing.

So, what do you think of the final result? Would you have chosen any of these pieces yourself? Which one is your favorite?? :)

Thanks for reading and leaving your comments in here! I really appreciate your support. Have a fantastic weekend.xxxxooooo.