Splendor Packing List

It´s time to move on!

I love organizing, cleaning, emptying spaces, labeling, folding and all those things many people find annoying. Easier said that done. That’s for sure. So, if you are thinking how I manage to enjoy or even survive the process here’s my Ultimate List to Pack Beautifully:

  • REUSE BAGS AND BOXES - Remember every set of sheets come in these plastic bags with a zipper? Did you save that shoe box because it was so pretty to toss? Do you have tons of reusable bags because you always forget to take one when you go shopping? It’s time to use them all!  

  • CATEGORIZE - Store similar items in bags, containers and boxes so it´s easier to find them when you unpack. Think: cables, remote controls, craft supplies, tablecloths and napkins, flower vases, hair products, etc.
  • LABEL EVERYTHING. LABEL YOURSELF - I’m serious here. You´ll be surprised by the amount of boxes and packages around when you finish packing. Create a list and number each package so you know what’s inside each of them and keep track when you move. This will ease the process of unpacking too - as you will know what to open first.
  • DONATE / TOSS / RECYCLE - Keep 3 big bags with you all the time, one for each of these purposes. Get rid of them as soon as they are full. This is a golden rule.
  • KEEP ESSENTIALS ASIDE - Fill a weekender bag with your essentials to survive for one or two days. You don’t want to be looking for your toothbrush inside 35 boxes. Think: clean sheets and towels, bathroom essentials, easy food, clean clothes and any of your favorite items you can’t live without :)

Ok! Well that’s a lot to do, but I promise it will be so worth it in the end. Don’t forget that wine and friends make everything easier. Manos a la obra!!

Do you have any tips for packing or organizing? What has worked for you in the past? Would love to learn from you!

Happy weekend!! xo.