Styling Process - Foyer

Hi there!

Let’s talk about foyers today. Even if you don’t have a big one there’s always something special about the entrance of your home. I mean, it is what you first see when you enter, and what gives the first impression to a place.

Mine has evolved within time, but since the beginning I knew I wanted it to be functional. So, here are some pictures of its evolution.

When I first placed a desk in my foyer, it actually didn’t function as one. It was only a table to place stuff before/after leaving. The thing is, with limited space in the apartment I had to take advantage of every single corner. Oh! and I needed a place to work on. So, I changed it again and yes, it got messy —>

It was not until I personalized and organized my desk when it looked pretty. I guess that’s the key for decorating. Make each little space yours, give it some character, work on it until you love it! At some point, it will be perfect for you :) 

For all details on the final transformation of this desk, check my previous post here

What do you have in your own entrance/foyer? Is it functional or just decorative? Share it with us! and thanks again for passing by.xx.