Cupcake Toppers - DIY


Hi there!

These days have been very very busy, so many things to come that I’m dying to share with you :) In the meantime, and on top of everything else I’m hosting a family potluck for this 4th of July. Pot lucks are awesome! they are intimate and a little bit easier on the hostess. Don't you think? But hey! I still have to add my personal touch to the gathering :)

I decided to go for an easy last-minute DIY project and I love the results! Check these cupcake toppers - or in this case muffin toppers - I made. They are cute and colorful and immediately beautified the whole table set up.

You need:

  1. Ribbon (red and blue in this case)
  2. Cake toppers (or sandwich skewers depending on what you want to decorate)
  3. Scissors

Cut some ribbon and tie it to the skewer creating little flags. You can place as many as you want, I only used two, but it all depends on you and your decor :) Get creative!

Once you have them ready, arrange them to be part of your table set up. I used them on the main table and near the drinks to give home a festive ambiance. You can see some pictures of my set up in here. What do you think? :)

How are you celebrating this 4th of July? Are you hosting an event or getting away? The US is now home for me and I’m so happy to share the joy of its Independence day. So, Happy 4th of July, you all! Hope you have a fantastic time! :)

Thanks so much again for reading. I truly appreciate your support. xo.