Bay window situation before curtains and paint

Some weeks are more inspiring than others. That's obvious. When it comes to designing my own space, I'm telling you, I take FOREVER to make a decision. That's why I love the One Room Challenge that much, because it obliges me to think fast, to stop looking for "a better option", to pull the trigger and buy the fabric! With a limited amount of time, I have no option but trusting my gut. And it works!

That said, I'm not doing the #ORC challenge this time (I should have, though!!) Go take a look if you want to go INSANE with design inspiration, even mi favorita de la vida, Christine Dovey, is working her magic again!

Anyways, THE POINT IS I'm trying to put a little pressure into my own design process and I've decided that I will share much more of it in here with you. That's right. It might not sound like a lot, but it is. I'm SO scared! Why? Because this means I commit to myself - and to you - on finding a time to work on big changes around my house. Because I will share the ugly, the mistakes, the dreams and the glorious accomplishments in here. Because I'm tired of playing music chairs and I will now focus on wall trim. And this post is sort of the beginning :) (I AM feeling dramatic today! JAJA!)

So, this is what started it all. I woke up on a Saturday morning, went to the living room and BAM! I was done with the white canvas that my bay windows were at that point. I knew I wanted some dark curtains both to block the light a bit and to frame that little seating nook. So, this happened. Hi curtains! :)

Great! I'm happy with them and so is S! Pheeewwww! I knew I needed to change almost everything in this area. We brought all our furniture from our old apartment and even though I found a way to make it work in this space, it was not convincing me at all.

I needed to change something with my own hands

And because I can't design/create couches of my own yet (hello, deep secret of mine!), I decided to paint. And, just like that - next morning - these chips were on my ceiling :) :) :)

...and S goes... so, I guess you think you are painting the ceiling gold?!

I said: Yes.

What do I do on Saturday evenings? I GO WILD! I frame my ceiling with painters tape and paint with the shiniest shade of gold I could found. It was craziness. A happy and fabulous crazy moment. I had to take the curtains DOWN, and adjust screws and curtain rods again but you know what? It was worth it. I'm so happy with it :)

I don't have proper pictures of how the space looks now but here's a - very shiny - sneak peek of how it ended up. Curtains are up again and I'm in the process of... changing everything! wohooooooo!! 

So, this was a big first step and now I can't stop. Do you like it?! Are you mortified by its beauty?? jaja! Let me know what you think! I would love to read your first impressions because remember, this is going to be a journey! :) :)

Thanks so much for reading!!! You are THE BEST.xx.


Happy Monday, guys!

Hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was P R O D U C T I V E! If you have been following me you know I joined the One Room Challenge and I'm working - like crazy - on my bedroom's transformation. I'm so so excited to share my progress with you all soon! :)

Besides that project, I'm happy to announce that I recently partnered with Rebekah from A Blissful Nest to be part of the Holiday Dream Team. Yes! Make sure to visit her page to learn more about this fab initiative and get inspired through a bunch of fantastic bloggers and creators. For now, here's a sneak peek on a DIY decor project that will be posted on A Blissful Nest this Thursday! Stay tuned for a step by step on how to decorate your bar this fall. Hope you like it! :)

Thanks so much for passing by! Your support keeps me going.xx!

Cupcake Toppers - DIY


Hi there!

These days have been very very busy, so many things to come that I’m dying to share with you :) In the meantime, and on top of everything else I’m hosting a family potluck for this 4th of July. Pot lucks are awesome! they are intimate and a little bit easier on the hostess. Don't you think? But hey! I still have to add my personal touch to the gathering :)

I decided to go for an easy last-minute DIY project and I love the results! Check these cupcake toppers - or in this case muffin toppers - I made. They are cute and colorful and immediately beautified the whole table set up.

You need:

  1. Ribbon (red and blue in this case)
  2. Cake toppers (or sandwich skewers depending on what you want to decorate)
  3. Scissors

Cut some ribbon and tie it to the skewer creating little flags. You can place as many as you want, I only used two, but it all depends on you and your decor :) Get creative!

Once you have them ready, arrange them to be part of your table set up. I used them on the main table and near the drinks to give home a festive ambiance. You can see some pictures of my set up in here. What do you think? :)

How are you celebrating this 4th of July? Are you hosting an event or getting away? The US is now home for me and I’m so happy to share the joy of its Independence day. So, Happy 4th of July, you all! Hope you have a fantastic time! :)

Thanks so much again for reading. I truly appreciate your support. xo.