BAR STYLING for a Party!

After a month of travels, I’m finally back home! Nothing like flowers around, music and my slippers, a latte and the sunlight in my living room. Couldn’t be happier!

Being away for a while was energizing and inspiring at the same time. I came back with so many (crazy?) ideas for new projects that I’m planning to get done during the upcoming months. BUT! in the meanwhile, I want to party! jaja I DO! I’ve been saying that for a while. I want to organize a couple of cocktail parties, mingle with friends, catch up, and share the love. (you know playing hostess is one of my favorite things)

I saved these pictures from my last post on mother’s day brunch, because I wanted to share them separately. Happens that you can’t organize a get together without thinking about THE BAR. Some people have serious bar set ups, others use a cute bar cart; some people hide their liquor in some sort of cabinet or try to display it mixed with glasses or similar. In any case, you can always do some special bar styling depending on the type of event you are hosting (for fun!). In this opportunity, I had a big space to work with and do some pretty bar styling for an intimate brunch at home.

Here are some basic steps to style your bar space for your next party:

1. First, remove everything from the shelves to properly see the space and its potential.

2. Choose the glasses you would use during the event and display them all around. When doing this, make sure you have enough glasses for cocktails, water and drinks. Your guests should have easy access to your signature cocktail and other non-alcoholic options.   

3. Pair cocktails and dessert! I love displaying them together. There’s no better way to enjoy sweets than with a glass of bubbly. Look at these beautiful mini cheese cakes.

4. Use a tiered tower to display them and add fruit for more color.

5. Use food name tags to mark your mixers and desserts. Yum! 

6. Finally, add flowers or decorative pieces you are already using on your table set up. The idea is to make every space in your house feel like part of the party; welcome guests to approach them, and match them with the decor. Personally, I love adding lights everywhere! Small christmas lights are useful all year long if used properly, but you can use any piece you find to be pretty. Try it!

Alright! now back to my calendar and party planning. I’ll be sharing some more tips, ideas and pretty pics with you soon. As always, thanks so much for passing by and sending your comments. I truly appreciate it. Happy Weekend!! xo.