Happy Sunday, love!

After a couple of rainy days here in DC the sun is finally shining again :) I love summer days filled with get togethers, friends, and good times. Any excuse is a good excuse to have fun, don't you think?

A couple of days ago, we got together with one of our favorite couples. Neither of us had plans on a Friday night (#marriage), so we decided to get together and make piña coladas. Because, why not?! A very simple idea turned out to be a lovely gathering with tiki torches, cocktails and hot dogs. After that day I realized how much I used to host at home and how much I miss it! I went back to my old blog posts and found some great advice that I seriously forgot I used to put into practice - how crazy is that? I thought: "Wow, did I really write all that?". Apparently, yes I did! jaja!

Maybe I went through a hostess phase where everything seemed to be pretty easy and obvious. Maybe I've been so busy these days with other projects that I forgot how much I enjoy setting up tables and making cocktails. Well, life is cyclical and my fab hostess spirit is starting to wake up again after a long nap. So, today I wanted to share with you this gem. Maybe you've seen it before, maybe it's your first time. This is actually my most popular post EVER and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Lovely Brunch at Home - The 5-Step Process to Host Brunch Like a Pro and Actually Enjoy It!

Thanks for reading, fab hostess! xx.