Happy Sunday, love!

After a couple of rainy days here in DC the sun is finally shining again :) I love summer days filled with get togethers, friends, and good times. Any excuse is a good excuse to have fun, don't you think?

A couple of days ago, we got together with one of our favorite couples. Neither of us had plans on a Friday night (#marriage), so we decided to get together and make piña coladas. Because, why not?! A very simple idea turned out to be a lovely gathering with tiki torches, cocktails and hot dogs. After that day I realized how much I used to host at home and how much I miss it! I went back to my old blog posts and found some great advice that I seriously forgot I used to put into practice - how crazy is that? I thought: "Wow, did I really write all that?". Apparently, yes I did! jaja!

Maybe I went through a hostess phase where everything seemed to be pretty easy and obvious. Maybe I've been so busy these days with other projects that I forgot how much I enjoy setting up tables and making cocktails. Well, life is cyclical and my fab hostess spirit is starting to wake up again after a long nap. So, today I wanted to share with you this gem. Maybe you've seen it before, maybe it's your first time. This is actually my most popular post EVER and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do:

Lovely Brunch at Home - The 5-Step Process to Host Brunch Like a Pro and Actually Enjoy It!

Thanks for reading, fab hostess! xx.

Lady Dinner Styling

Good morning, everyone!

I've been dying to share this beautiful look book that we recently put together for Bookalokal with super talented entrepreneurs and bloggers! Thanks so much to Spicy Candy DC for organizing us all, Katya for the fab jewelry, Julien for the pictures, and Jess for the always-delicious food!

It was so much fun to do the styling for this event. Dinner for the ladies, fall colors, beautiful details and obviously, champagne cocktails! I wish it could happen every week :) Here are some of my tips and sources for your next lady event. Make sure to invite me if you organize one! 

Personal Touch

Pamper your guests! Make easy placeholders or name tags for each of them. It welcomes your friends with a special treat. And remember, nothing beats your handwriting :) Seasonal flowers and colorful napkins add the finishing touch. 

Outdoor ambiance

It's still warmish out there, so take advantage of your outdoors! Place candles everywhere. They are the perfect way to add a bit of flavor and ambiance to your party. Plus, don't they look oh-so romantic? :) The more the better.

Hostess tip

Use what you have! Mix and match placemats and glasses. It adds personality to your set up and tells a bit more about your life experiences. Vintage pieces are always perfect!

  • Flowers: Trader Joes.
  • Napkins & Tablecloths: Homegoods.
  • Placemats: IKEA and Maison du Monde.
  • Vases & candle holders: IKEA and vintage finds.
  • Champagne coupes: Vintage.
  • Cocktail straws: Amazon.

Hope you liked the details! and hope to inspire you to create your own get-together. Let me know if you organize your own! I would love to see your own set up ideas.

Happy weekend! xx.