Hi guys!

Hope you are having a great week. I was recently asked by Parachute Home to share some of my tips to decorate and elevate a bedroom. Perfect timing to share a small transformation in our home office / guest room. We had friends staying with us recently and enjoyed it so so much. It was the first time we properly used our guest room as such and I wanted to make it special - I've always loved welcoming details. 

I started by preparing a small welcoming basket. It was very simple and had only the basics: bath accessories, a nice travel candle and an aye mask, of course. It's a nice treat for your friends and an easy way to make them feel comfortable. Flowers are also my go to - I always have them around the house and love how they look in the bedroom. I added a small vase that holds one stem only. It's the perfect pop of color!

For bedding I almost always choose white - white sheets and towels are classic and timeless. Even though I only had a brown set, I covered the bed with the cutest white blanket and matching shams - I'm also considering getting this chic set. To finish, I brought two blue velvet decorative pillows and placed the basket on top. It absolutely transformed my home office into a cozy bedroom! When living in a small house you have to make the most out of your space.

How do you prepare your home when having guests? I believe sheets and towels are daily luxury items for everyone! Hope these tips give you some ideas for your next visit! Thanks again for visiting. xx.

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