Bubbly bar set up

Zebra themed! Best cakepop ever from Baked by Yael

Get in the mood before your guests arrive - Have a drink and relax.

Hi, darling!

One of the best things that happened to me since I started blogging is meeting creative people who are working to make their vision come true. Especially, and most importantly - strong and fabulous female entrepreneurs who work hard every day following their dreams. I really had no idea what DC had to offer until I decided to put myself out there, and got in touch with all these inspiring creatives. It's a whole new world. A great city to grow and find yourself.

My good friend Carlis had a great idea: "let's find the creative latinas out there!" she said. And she did! That's how #DCLatinCreatives was born and I'm very proud to be a part of it. So! I HAD to bring these ladies together... you know how much I like hosting and this was the perfect excuse :)

An intimate get together at home with bubbly, sweets and lots of girl talk! Couldn't have been better. I decorated the house with pink roses in different vases, and used a black and white palette on the table set up - are you surprised?! Champagne and sweets are by far my favorite combination and my go-to for small gatherings. I had fruit, cheese and crackers and of course chocolate. But, when I found zebra cake pops from Baked By Yael, I knew they were going to be a hit! Not only they looked perfect on the table, but they were truly delicious. If you are a local, you have to try them. Best.Cakepop.Ever.

It was such an special evening that yes, I forgot to take pictures with my guests. Getting to know more about their backgrounds and what inspires them was priceless. Hours flew by. A storm hit us and we were still speaking in Spanglish, connecting and finding how our Latin-American backgrounds bring us all together. It was a beautiful evening. And, I'm so so happy and thankful to have them in my life :)

Stay tuned for much more about the DC Latin Creatives initiative, and stay inspired, my dear! Make your dreams come true. That's what life is about <3 Thanks for passing by. Besos!