Hi! and welcome to Splendor! :)

If you are new to my site first, THANKS so much for passing by! yay! and second, you should know that my husband and I moved into this small condo in DC almost a year ago; and since then I've been working - and enjoying - its transformation.

I believe that small spaces deserve BIG style. Each corner counts when it comes to making your home suitable for your life style and pleasant to the eye. Building a home is such a personal and important process (tweet this!For me, one of the biggest challenges was moving from a big dining room to a tiny dining area that is next to an open kitchen and steps away from our front door. Believe me, seeing the kitchen sink while entering the apartment was not my idea of a glamorous welcome to our home (sigh) But! that's what interior design is to me, making the most out of what you have.

I ADORE black and white, and a bit (actually A LOT) of drama in my designs. Glam spaces make me happy. So, the first thing I did before even moving in was painting the walls in rich whites and a dramatic dark paint (BJ - Deep Caviar if you are wondering) to give some strong character to the area, as well as help divide spaces. It's a win-win situation. After that, it was all about adorning it. I placed this gorgeous and modern chandelier which was my personal house warming gift; and actually the only statement piece I've got for this space. I LOVE IT and feel so glamorous when turning it on. It has a dimmer! so it's perfect for setting any party mood on. You get the idea ;)

As I mentioned, there is an open kitchen and a tiny entryway situation (Oh! DC living). The foyer transformation definitely helped putting the whole room together while defining 3 areas: the entrance, the kitchen, and the dining room. No more blended spaces! :) To make the most out of each area I placed a couple of bar stools which are great for company while you cook; and I worked on creating a functional nook to drop off keys and check on my lipstick before leaving the house (las cosas importantes, querida). If you have a table and a mirror, you have endless decor possibilities! The big lesson learned is that paint and wallpaper can definitely bring some extra magic to a room. 

So, what do you think?! This is our dining area first look. I call it "almost complete" because - conociéndome - it will keep changing. Design is just so much fun! :) And, for you to get a better idea of what the place looked like when we moved in, here are some before pictures. 

Would love to see your comments. I'll be sharing much more of my home in Instagram. And stay tuned for a complete summer Home Tour. Thanks again for passing by! xx.