Buenos días!

I'm so happy to be part of this amazing project and finally share it with all of you. The creative community in DC is so broad and bubbly, but the creative latinas are just fabulous! My friend Carlis had the best idea, to bring us together. Different backgrounds, different interests and talents but one thing in common, we all live in spanglish!

DC Latin Creatives is a project that highlights the DC Latin Creative Community, and aims to connect people and find opportunities to collaborate. The first lookbook is now life in here with personalized pages and a bit of the story of 10 amazing latinas who are part of the creative word in this city. We hope this lookbook inspires our creative Latino community and give our younger generation inspiration to pursue their dreams in the creative world. Go take a look! And find out much more about what inspires me everyday to keep going.

All pictures in this initiative are from Nikk Rich

What role does your Latino roots have in your success?

"Peruvian culture is all about persistence and hard work, and I didn’t know I had that inner strength until I found challenge. It took me some time to embrace new possibilities and find myself in here, but I never stopped. Once I found what actually made me happy I just kept going and I’ve been working very hard since then.  My dad is an unbreakable entrepreneur. He taught me to take challenge one day at a time and most importantly, to show up every day."

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Thanks so much for reading! xx.