Many of my clients contact me and tell me they want to redecorate their space but 1) they have a limited budget, and 2) they don't know where to start. My first words are: Don't worry! I'm here to help :) We all have busy schedules and the process of designing your home should be accommodating.

This is why I offer Mood Board / E-decor services! 

Inspiration and some decor guidance are sometimes enough to get that transformation you've been dreaming of! With this package you get enough elements to take your decoration to the next level, including a new style for the room, online sources to buy everything included in the design, and tips on how to make it happen yourself and at your own pace! :)

One of my e-decor clients needed an urgent transformation in the home office her husband was using on a daily basis. After moving to a new home, they found themselves surrounded by boxes and inefficient storage solutions - plus a big need to make this space feel more inviting and stylish. We focused on creating a functional office-type layout and providing lots and lots of storage!

A fresh coat of paint and new stylish window treatments changed the basic layer of the room. My client was up to trying some DIY solutions, so I came up with a budget-friendly IKEA bookshelves makeover! Placing them together filled an otherwise empty wall, and provided lots of room to store documents and books. Plus, IT IS GOLD! I'm very happy with the transformation and can't wait to help her with the rest of her beautiful home :)

What do you think? Would you try e-decor? Let me know your impressions. I love reading your comments. xx.




Budget friendly IKEA DIY Bookshelves provide extra storage and lots of room for styling!

Boxes everywhere help hiding electronics, cables and other daily gadgets.

The console table provides a place for dropping keys and bags avoiding unnecessary clutter.

Mood Board prepared for client.

Mood Board prepared for client.