Kitchen Cabinets Organization

Let me tell you, this moving into a new place is fantastic / so overwhelming. It takes some time to decide where things are going to go and what's the best way to organize them; and once you think you figured that out you find something else that fits better into that space! move everything around and start all over again (phew!).

Luckily, I'm the type of person who truly enjoys organizing - my friend Yas saw a picture of all the unopened moving boxes in my kitchen and said: "Hey, that's like Disneyland to you!" and she's right! :) I love playing with drawers, cabinets and everything in between. The messier, the better (me conoces bien, amix!) Then, I thought of documenting the organizing process of some areas at home and share it with you all.

I took the pictures above when the top shelf was already full. I used personal categories for organizing these cabinets: First level: "daily use + favorites", Second level: "serving plates, bowls and similar", and Third level: "plates we don't use that often".

The kitchen was the first thing I started organizing. I needed to find my favorite coffee mug and plug in the coffee maker ASAP. You know, priorities. But then, I found these tall cabinets where my cappuccino mugs were going to get lost; and piling them was definitely not an option. The solution? adding some extra shelves and baskets. I found these fantastic ones at the Container Store. They have the greatest collection of organizers for upper and lower cabinets, pantries, refrigerators... you name it! It was a bliss to choose the perfect ones for my kitchen cabinets. What do you think?

i consider myself and organization freak. I ADORE looking at things neatly organized when I open closet doors and cabinets. Is that weird? There's something pretty about it; taking care of your stuff, and always knowing where everything is. It makes my life easier plus! it's a big part of any decoration and styling project.

So here we go! You and I together in this process. I know it's going to take some time to get everything ready, unpack and settle here and I can definitely use some advice. Would you share some of your tips with me? I would LOVE to know how you deal with moving, unpacking, organizing and so on. If you have an idea or tip please please please share it with me! I could use all of them right now, and maybe make a post about it :) 

Thanks again for passing by. You are the best! Have a fantastic week.xx.