All pictures by  Look Live Luxe

All pictures by Look Live Luxe

Here at Splendor we want to provide you with inspiration and sources for a chic glam lifestyle! So, we are constantly looking for partners that are able to fill your days with a bit of luxe.

After sometime of being in touch with our friend Val through Instagram we finally got to talk to her and learn more about her fabulous company Look Live Luxe - a lifestyle consulting and marketing agency and one of our favorite online destinations for everything LUXE!

We are in love with their aesthetic, and we recently completed their LUXE Q&A sharing a bunch of details about Splendor Styling. We are happy to collaborate with inspiring female entrepreneurs like her.

"I've had the pleasure of coming across wonderfully strong and inspiring women who have shared their experiences with me. I've learned from each of them and I'm extremely grateful."

So, go take a look! and stay tuned for more oh-so-fabulous collaborations!

Have a wonderful day.xx.