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Welcome to Splendor in Spanglish! This is my blog and creative outlet for decor, styling and interior design. I ADORE all things home and work as a freelance designer to help my clients build their homes. So, there's nothing better than sharing my very own experience transforming a DC apartment into a place I love coming to! :)

The ONE ROOM CHALLENGE is a 6-week long journey where I will completely transform a space, and share my progress every Thursday! This is an amazing initiative among interior designers and bloggers that Calling it Home puts together twice a year. Last time I did it I was SO happy with the results, so this time I decided to go for it again and today I present you with my challenge: THE FOYER. 

Design by Nate Berkus (Yeah, that's Karlie Kloss' foyer!)

Inspiration for this project obviously involves black and white and gold accents, as well as one of my biggest design cravings (and fears): WALLPAPER!

We moved to this apartment less than a year ago, and I'm at that point where I really need to make important changes to give the whole space a personality. I decided to start with our foyer which even though is tiny, it's also the very first thing you see when you get home. And here it is:

Open kitchen next to it. 3 doors involved and a small space to transform into a welcoming area. Make sure to come back next week to see how it evolves! :) I will share all my TIPS with you. Wish me luck!!

Thanks for passing by! xoxo.